Cloudjoy---who we are? 

Just a company name?nope ,it is the role of insurgents .it is the mission to deliver the ultimate vape experience,it is a dream to be your vaping life !

Dear vapers,don’t you think there are too many similar vape products in this market? As a rapidly-growing electronic cigarette brand ,only two options ,Following the trends or creating new demands.we choose the latter. Cloudjoy has been concentrating on brand development for years.through constant research and development in electronic cigarettes industry,we offers series of most innovative products with great reputation ,like fishbone plus rda .but it is only the beginning. Our mission is to deliver the ultimate vape experience,We have our own professional and experienced factory.talented forward-thinking engineers and great management.more unique & unrivalled products designed by Cloudjoy will rock you. Our dream is to be your vaping life,Cloudjoy may not be a name you’re familiar with now,but here we are coming!

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